Sustainable cleaning products summit

The first-ever sustainability summit dedicated to cleaning products will be hosted in Paris on 20-21st October. The professional organisation Probila-Unitrab, owner of the Ecogarantie label will be there, as partner!

The premier edition will tackle some of the major sustainability issues affecting the home care products industry.

On The Agenda

  • Session 1: Sustainability & Marketing

European market for green cleaning products, sustainability in practice, home care & fabric product impacts, pioneer case study, ethical label success story, green consumer behaviour, etc.

  • Session 2:  Green Formulations

Sustainability standards update, formulating natural products, green fragrances, sustainable surfactants from renewable sources, novel green chemicals, advances in cleaning enzymes, etc.

  • Workshop I: Green Surfactants & Emulsifiers

Detailed insights are given into the growing array of green surfactants & emulsifiers available for home care & personal care formulations.

  • Workshop II: Reducing Environmental Impacts

A practical guide for home care & ingredient firms looking to lower their environmental footprints.

For more information, we invite you to consult the following explanation about this summit.