1. The selection of the ingredients is based on the principles of sustainability and ecological responsibility. The use of agricultural raw materials organically-grown is recommended. Synthetic products will not be used or be used in a very restricted way.

    The positive list only mentions substances which, because of their specific properties and of their function in the product, cannot be substituted, in the short term, by a better and more ecological alternative because the Belgian law does not allows it when publishing these standards.

    The use of genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) or of GMO techniques in the production chain is strictly forbidden.
  2. The processes used in the production and processing may not be polluting and must respect both our health and the environment. This will be done through measures which take into account biodegradability, recycling of packaging, waste products, …The commercialisation of these quality air fresheners takes into account the well-being of the consumer by setting up clear rules as well as by favouring communication and transparency in the chain.
  3. End products may not be tested on animals.