General rule

Any superfluous form of packaging must be avoided. Recyclable or reusable packaging must be used whenever possible.


Wrapping materials must be of good quality, clean and adapted to the required goal.

As a general rule, we recommend environmentally friendly wrapping materials.

  • PVC containers and other forms of plastic containing chlorine are forbidden, except in the case of reusable packaging.
  • Expanded polystyrene is forbidden.
  • CFC’s is forbidden in the production.

Besides the general rule mentioned here above, function of its field of production, some other criteria have to be applied. See hereafter, additional criteria for washing and cleaning products.

The creation of environmentally friendly forms of packaging being in constant and fast evolution, Probila-Unitrab, the professional organization, might impose more severe restrictions according to the type of product.

Ingredient declaration

A complete ingredient declaration in common language or with the INCI appellation must be mentioned on the label, regardless of the quantity involved.

If the product contains perfumes, this must be mentioned on the packaging.

  • For washing and cleaning products: The declaration must detail the type of enzymes used (for example protease, lipase).

Reference to organic agriculture

Reference to organic agriculture may be made for agricultural raw materials and semi-manufactured products that conform to the following texts:

The indications referring to organic production methods make it clear that they relate to a method of agricultural production and are accompanied by a reference to the ingredients of agricultural origin concerned, unless such reference is clearly given in the list of ingredients.

Percentage of organic ingredients

If percentages of organic ingredients are mentioned on the packaging, the operator will communicate the method used for the calculation to the attention of the certification body and mention it on the packaging. E.g. the operator will mention if the percentage refers to the total of ingredients or only to the vegetable ingredients.

In order to evaluate and control, the operator will submit to his certification body a sample of the packaging of the product.