The specifications developed by Ecogarantie® are based on:

  • The principles of sustainability,
  • The respect for the delicate balance between plants, animals and humans,
  • Consumers’ expectations.

Consequently ingredients and manufacturing methods of Ecogarantie® products have to meet a number of criteria.

  • Sustainability

    Sustainability takes into account the social, economic and ecological fields. Therefore, while producing ecological goods, the company:

    • May respect human rights and adopt ethical behaviour,
    • Use a fair price policy,
    • Pay attention at the origin of the ingredients and the renewability of raw materials.
    • Socially
      • The production may respect basic human rights or be linked to social justice. Every company who employs more than 10 people must have a social justice policy. He will guarantee equal rights and equal treatment to all his employees, without discriminating them on the basis of age, sex, race, philosophical convictions or sexual inclination.
    • Economically
      • Every company has to be profitable. Fair prices must therefore be paid to suppliers, and consumers must be offered fair prices as well.
    • Ecologically
      • The repercussions on the environment should be kept as limited as possible.

        • Organically-grown if available,
        • No animal test on the final product,
        • Raw materials and packaging materials will be maximally renewable,
        • Origin of ingredients subject to processes used,
        • No halogen chemistry,
        • No GMO or GMO techniques in the production chain,
        • No amount or limited amount of VOC (Volatile Organic Components),
        • Low input of energy while producing,
        • Minimal waste while sourcing the raw materials,
        • High level of recycling,
        • Low emissions,
        • Reasonable transport
  • Safety

    Ecogarantie® products need to observe the Belgian and European legislations on product safety. This means for example that every company is obliged to take a few precautions concerning traceability.

  • Minimal impact on the environment

    Ecogarantie® products need to have a minimal impact on the environment. This means for example a low level of toxicity for water life, good biodegradability both anaerobic and aerobic and limited amount of harmful minerals.