To make the final product, each ingredient has to follow some very strict rules:


Any vegetable, animal or mineral product, coming in straight line from organic, if available, agriculture, harvesting or exploitation, either unprocessed or processed only by means of the physical processes allowed in the present specifications and keeping almost intact its original properties. These raw materials must meet the criteria of the specifications for each specific field.

Authorised kinds of raw materials:

  • Vegetable products
  • Animal products
  • Animal secretions
  • Minerals
  • Sea products
  • Gasses

Forbidden raw materials: petroleum and its derivatives


Any raw material processed according to the physico-chemical or microbiological/ biotechnological processes authorised in the specifications for each specific field, which may sometimes deeply change the original properties. These semi-manufactured products must meet the requirements of the specifications.

Authorised semi-manufactured products:

  • Semi-manufactured products of vegetable origin
  • Semi-manufactured products of animal origin
  • Semi-manufactured products of mineral origin
  • Semi-manufactured products of maritime origin
  • Semi-manufactured products obtained through micro-organisms

Strictly restricted semi-manufactured products:

Semi-manufactured products obtained through chemical synthesis are excluded. The only ones to be authorised are those which cannot be substituted, in the short term, by renewable alternatives and which are necessary for the good working of the end product.