In order for the certification body to conduct the inspection procedures, the operator (Producer, Processor and Re-Packer) must provide full cooperation. Distributors of pre-packaged products are not obliged to submit their activities.

The company will give any information that the certification body deems necessary to judge the certification. Sub-contractor will also have to submit the same kind of inspection.

As inspection and certification bodies, they:

  • Inspect :
    • The accounting practices: the nature and the origin of the products purchased (the natural origin of the ingredients, quantities of ingredients and/or finished products purchased), sales invoices, offers, price lists and other documents needed.
    • The production methods: composition of the products, production methods, material used.
    • Packages and labels.
    • Measures taken by the company in order to separate the ecological from the non-ecological production and avoid contamination by disinfectants
  • Verify the composition of the product
    • Concretely, this means among other things:
      • The use of organic plant products as many as possible,
      • The prohibition of testing of end products on animals,
      • The ban of ingredients of petrochemical origin,
      • The restricted use of harmful minerals,
      • The prohibition of irradiation of products,
      • The maximisation of biodegradability,
      • Non-use of genetically modified ingredients,
      • The strict regulation of the use of stabilisers, emollients, preservatives and similar,
  • Visit at least once a year and at any time the production units and warehouses. 
  • Make residue analysis on ingredients and finished products.